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Fei Jau Dak Chinese School is an established independent school aimed primarily to teach Cantonese lessons at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, with the determination towards helping students develop and achieve fluency. We base this on the principle that the initial stage is to develop competency in spoken Cantonese. Students learn at their own pace and are not restricted by the levels between other students, hence classes are taught with flexibility.

The school actively promotes inter-cultural exchange between Chinese and other cultures, which has been successful amongst students. In addition, classes are conducted in a way encouraging students to "socialise" bringing together exchanging ideas and put their Cantonese into practice. There are also opportunities for students to undertake group visits to various places, such as China town and Chinese restaurants, increasing their awareness of the Chinese culture as to provoke interest and use of taught Cantonese to native speakers.

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Cantonese (Gwong Dung Wah) is one dialect or form of the Chinese language. It is spoken in the most south-easterly province of China, of which Canton is the capital. Cantonese refers to the dialect spoken in Canton city, but also include a whole group of similar dialects spoken in the area of the western half of Kwantung province and southern half of Kwangsi province (Gwong Sai). Outside of China, Cantonese is the most widely spoken form of the Chinese language and is the native speech of both Hong Kong (Heurng Gohng) and Macao (Ou Moon).

The majority of overseas Chinese (Wah Kiu) living in England (Ying Gwok), Europe (Au Jau), America (Mei Gwok) and Canada (Gar Nar Daai) are predominately Cantonese speakers. This provides students in the Western countries with opportunies in hearing Cantonese spoken by native speakers, an advantage much less availible to students of Mandarin (Pou Tung Wah), the official language of China. Most Chinese migrants to the U.K. came from the new territories (San Gaai) of Hong Kong, and this accounts for the fact that the major dialect spoken amongst Chinese people here is Cantonese.

Since the late 1970s, many ethinic Chinese have come to Britain from Vietnam (Yuet Naam) as refugees, 80% of them speak Cantonese. You will find Cantonese speakers in Malaysia (Mar Loih Sei Ngarr), Singapore (Sin Gar Borr), Australia (Ou Jau), New Zealand (San Saai Laan) and Cambodia (Gam Bou Jaai).

 Cantonese School in London - CANTONESE CLASSES FOR BEGINNERS. Cantonese is the most widely spoken form of Chinese outside of China.



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