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Fei Jau Dak Chinese School London providing Cantonese classes and comprehensive lessons and courses in grammar, pronunciation and spoken Cantonese.
What students can expect to achieve?

There are vast rewards from acquiring the ability to competently communicate in Cantonese. You will be very much welcomed in Canton and Hong Kong or from Cantonese speaking people everywhere, as well as achieving greater appreciation of the Chinese culture, the people and their country. Cantonese is said to be a relatively difficult language to master, but in fact the grammatical rules are much simpler compared to many other languages, as it does not require the need to stress verb conjugations, plurals, gender, tenses, regular and irregularities. This is well manifested in the following example translating a set of English sentences that involve stressing key grammatical rules:

In English: I buy newspaper, I am buying newspaper, I was buying newspaper, I bought newspaper, I had bought newspaper, I have been buying newspaper, I will buy newspaper, I will be buying newspaper, I will have bought newspaper.

In Cantonese: Simply just - Ngorr maai boujee!

Our School...

The school is dedicated in providing a course tailor made for each and every individual student, whether a complete beginner or those that have already studied Cantonese and wish to improve.

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Cantonese language school in London

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Cantonese Course in London .

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Cantonese! Cantonese Beginners welcome! Language school, Language class, Language Lessons.

Cantonese! Cantonese Beginners welcome!
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CANTONESE FOR BEGINNERS. Cantonese is the most widely spoken form of Chinese outside of China. Learn at your own pace. ****** CLASSES EVERY SUNDAY******

Cantonese Class in London
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We aim to provide students with a good grasp of fundamentals of the Cantonese dialect and the ability to understand conversational Cantonese at natural speed, with the confidence to respond appropriately when spoken to in a wide range of situations.

Classes are taught in a carefully structured manner, presented with a proven system of learning comprising of four self-contained modules providing students immediately useable spoken Cantonese and thus promotes speedy learning. Contents and themes include a wide range of subjects. The lessons are reasonably graded and the degree of difficulty rises in accordance with the level of the students progress in spoken Cantonese. This is thoroughly assessed by the tutor.

Lessons are not restricted to pen and books, students may also participate in role-playing practical class activities, allowing students to build up confidence when facing "real-life" situations outside of class study. This is especially important in mastering spoken Cantonese.

Cantonese Students on a trip to London China Town

Class Timetable

Classes are available every Sunday of the week

beginning from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM

Location: Swiss Cottage Community Centre (Room 3),

19 Winchester Road, London NW3 (3 mins walk from Swiss Cottage Tube)

For further enquiries, please contact us

Telephone classes

Telephone classes can be provided to students as an alternative to attending classes. Cantonese lessons are taught over the phone on a private one to one basis as would be done in the classroom. The student will refer to the same book and resources as the tutor, who will provide guidance on various problems and challenges such as pronunciation, speech, understanding of grammatical rules and answers to questions. Any new vocabulary will be spelt out by the tutor. These classes are suitable to students who have difficulties relating to living distance, availability or whether it is a case of convenience. Yes, this means that you can learn Cantonese at the comfortability of your own home without even venturing outside wherever you are! This scheme of learning has been very successful amongst students across the UK and Europe.

You will need to make an arrangement for a scheduled time slot for private tuition by contacting the school

Course Requirements

No special ability or prerequisites are required, just the will to speak another language! All you need is a copy of the course textbook which will be used throughout the course. This can be purchased from the school.

A Cantonese Student Gathering Students practicing their Cantonese Language skills in restaurants

Cantonese School in London - CANTONESE CLASSES FOR BEGINNERS. Cantonese is the most widely spoken form of Chinese outside of China. Learn at your own pace. ****** CANTONESE SCHOOL - CANTONESE CLASSES IN LONDON. LESSONS IN LONDON EVERY SUNDAY******


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